Stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross represent the events that happened to Jesus as he made the journey from his trial to his execution. As you follow the journey you will feel that you are travelling with him.

1 Fear

The journey starts in a local park.

Jesus is terrified of what lies ahead of him.

2 Betrayal

A lynch-mob arrives to arrest Jesus, led by one of his closest friends.

3 Judgement

Jesus is put on trial without any defence.

4 Disloyalty

Jesus is let down by his closest friend

5 Powerlessness

Jesus is sentenced to death

6 Torture

Jesus is beaten up

7 Burdens

Jesus is made to carry the cross for his own execution

8 Mercy

A stranger helps Jesus

9 Tears

Jesus cries with his mother

10 Forgiveness

Jesus forgives the people who are killing him

11 Hope

Jesus tells another victim it will be OK

12 Family

Jesus says goodbye to his family

13 Death

Jesus dies

14 Tomorrow

That’s not the end of the story

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