An art trail through Manchester city centre

About This Project

The PassionArt Trail used the Christian season of Lent to create opportunity for artists and the community to explore spiritual themes. The organisers worked with artists of both local and national repute to stage an exhibition throughout Lent. The exhibition was scattered through galleries and public spaces across the city, both sacred and secular. Members of the public were offered a guide in paper or online form to take them from one exhibit to the next.

This visual pilgrimage across the city of Manchester uses contemporary art to explore themes drawn from Lent. Within a fast, busy city Lent invites us to be mindful of the way we live by creating moments when we step off the wheel of constant noise and activity, and seek the lessons of the desert; lessons of simplicity and denial, of silence and solitude, of letting go and discovering beauty from ashes.

We held our first trail during Lent 2014 across 6 city centre venues and you can follow the art works and their reflections on this website.  We are currently planning for PassionArt 2016 which will take place from 10th February – 30th March.

More details to follow soon.

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