A pilgrimage along a disused railway line in Humberside

About This Project

A church group in Hull invited people from their community to join in a Bank Holiday walk along the disused railway line from Hull to Hornsea. Walking together is a great way to get to know people. If the route is well-chosen it can accommodate people of all ages and abilities. It’s unthreatening. There’s time for talking and also for quiet and reflection.

The railway line from the centre of Hull to the seaside town of Hornsea was closed in 1964 as a result of the “Beeching Cuts.”

It is now a safe and mostly level walking and cycling route of about 15 miles. The route starts in the busy city centre of Hull, and passes through industrial land before entering the open fields and woodlands of Holderness Plain. It ends at the seaside town of Hornsea. It passes the sites of 14 former stations, some of which stand empty whilst others are privately-owned.

At each of the former stations the group stopped for a reading and meditation on one of the Stations of the Cross. Each reading ended with a question for group members to consider. Some were questions for discussion along the route – but on some sections of the route the group members were invited to walk in silence. Although the scenery was very different from that of the first Good Friday, the sense of journey through city and countryside was profound.

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