A tourist trail takes visitors through the Good Friday story

About This Project

The famous “Plague Village” of Eyam in Derbyshire attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year.  The parish church is at the centre of the village and is visited by almost everyone who comes to Eyam.

The church bought a set of large images of Jenny Hawke’s Stations of the Cross and had them laminated and mounted.  They displayed them in unexpected locations around the village, including a shop, a bus stop and the village green.  Every visitor to the church in the week before and after Easter was given a map setting out a trail to follow to see the whole story.  They were also given a free copy of the One Friday booklet.  The same pattern was used in the smaller neighbouring village.

Around 400 booklets were distributed, and hundreds of trail leaflets.  The trail became a significant and positive talking point in the church and the village, and was welcomed as a tourist attraction, albeit a temporary one.  The church intends to repeat the project next year.