Tried and Tested Ideas

Use this page to guide you through the process and help you get your community involved in creating Stations of the Cross.

Create a One Friday exhibition with your community

At the start of Lent, allocate each of the 14 themes to an individual or group in your church or community. Provide each group with a 3’ by 3’ piece of garden trellis (or a large empty picture frame from a second-hand shop.)  Ask the groups to think about the theme and create something in response to it. During Holy Week, invite all the groups to bring their contributions together in an event or exhibition.  Download a free event guide from our resources page.

One Friday in Longsight

Make a One Friday trail through your town or village

Display poster-sized versions of the 14 Stations of the Cross in prominent places around your village, or in shop windows on your high street. Make a leaflet with a map or clues to where the stations are located.  Offer the leaflet through people’s doors, or through the local school or post office counter.   You could offer a reward for anyone who has completed the trail and located all the stations (or taken a selfie with each poster.)

One Friday in Eyam

Host a One Friday music or drama event

Invite local drama or music groups to rehearse a song or piece of drama to accompany each of the stations.  Suggestions are provided on our resources page.  Bring all of the contributions together in a community concert on or near Good Friday.

Music and liturgy guide – coming soon!

More resources can be found on our resources page.

Involve local schools in a One Friday project

This year we are producing resources for use at KS2 and KS3.

Visit the resources page for more details.

Resources for Schools guide – coming soon!

More resources can be found on our resources page.

Start a One Friday study group

Invite friends from the community to join in a series of home-based groups using the One Friday Study Guide.  Alternatively, invite individuals to use the guide themselves on the fourteen days up to Good Friday.  The Study Guide is available on this site, or can be downloaded from our resources page.

Study Guide – coming soon!

More resources can be found on our resources page.


See how communities across the country have been putting on One Friday events and get inspired.

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